More Than The Game by Jenni Bara
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Book Review: More Than The Game by Jenni Bara

Trending on social media is her nightmare.

Beth Evans, former Olympic golden girl, known for a national scandal and daughter of a rising political star, is more than happy to stay out of the spotlight, living life as a normal single mom in a small Jersey town. The last thing Beth needs is Twitter’s favorite bad boy–Marc Demoda–walking into her life to stir things up.

Marc lives for the three b’s; baseball, bars, and ball bunnies, until the unthinkable happened. An accident destroys his shoulder and his career, leaving him desperate to get back in the game. Too bad no one hires notorious bad boys to coach. With his reputation on life support, Marc finds his saving grace might be the feisty blonde he can’t get out of his head.

When pictures of Beth and Marc’s chance encounter blow up on Twitter, they strike a deal to avoid further scandals and fix their image. But even in the harsh public spotlight, their fake relationship begins to feel real. Beth’s growing feelings for Marc have her questioning if she can permanently handle the limelight, just as Marc wonders if Beth might mean more than the game.

Beth and Marc’s story really pulled me in from the beginning. The playboy and the single mother couldn’t be more opposite and I love a good fake relationship so this book hit a lot of points for me. They’re both complex characters and I liked them from the start. Beth is a young widow and single mother with a bunch of overprotective in-laws because her husband’s brothers adopted her long ago. The family dynamics aren’t simple but the Evans brothers are supportive and protective without being overbearing and I really like the family dynamic. There are a lot of obstacles for the couple, from their totally opposite lifestyles to the unrelenting media attention that twists every aspect of their lives into public gossip fodder, but they handle it well.

I received an ARC from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

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