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Review: The Taste of an Enemy by Holly Renee

Carson is damaged, raw and cruel. He goes out of his way to hurt Allie every chance he gets. He’s infuriating, but also so hot. I wanted to hate him but I couldn’t, much like Allie. She’s perfectly well-adjusted, shy and vulnerable but Carson is a bad habit she can’t break, even after years of his torture. They were best friends until he cruelly cut her out of his life without explanation and he’s treated her as his number one enemy ever since. They’re total opposites but their chemistry is combustible. I suspected where this story was headed from the first chapter but it was so good, I didn’t mind at all.

These two are either at each other’s throats literally or figuratively the entire book and I love the way they fight. This one is short and steamy and I just want more.

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The Taste of An Enemy
by Holly Renee
The Boys of Clermont Bay book 3 of 5

Published 2021

The Taste of an Enemy by Holly Renee

Rich. Vicious. Vengeful. Forbidden. The Boys of Clermont Bay had always been untouchable.

And Carson Hale was the worst of them all.

He was pretentious and a player, and he had hated me for so long I forgot that we were ever anything more than enemies.

Brutally beautiful and savagely heartless, his only plan was to ruin everything I loved.

But dares were made, and even though I had no business saying yes, I found myself in trouble and forced to work with my rival to get us out of it.

He had always been cruel, but something changed.

The lure of him was too much. The way I craved his touch unbearable.

Just as I fell for him, he proved himself to be exactly who he had been all along.

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