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Review: Perfect Grump by Nicole Snow

Reese loves her new job, but her new bosses, not so much. Beatrice Brandt is an angel and Ward Brandt is tolerable, but Nick is the worst. She doesn’t call him Nick the Prick for nothing, although she can’t deny he’s extremely attractive. Things start off weird but seem to improve until everything blows up and Reese wants nothing to do with him. Nick isn’t perfect. In fact, he’s got a lot of embarrassing moments in his past. He wants to do better and be a better man though, so helping Reese at her lowest point seems like a perfect opportunity to make it all up to her.

Nick was a doofus, but I liked him enough from the beginning, while it took a bit to warm up to Reese. She was cold and closed off at first so it was hard to understand the character initially but once we get some insight into her inner workings, Reese becomes a superhero.

There’s a lot going on but they handle it well with no breakdowns or silly miscommunications. They both owned up to their mistakes and supported each other no matter what. This is a sweet, funny and at times suspenseful story I enjoyed very much.

I received an ARC from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

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Perfect Grump
by Nicole Snow

Published 2021

Perfect Grump by Nicole Snow
Review: Perfect Grump by Nicole Snow

I’ve caught a raging case of bosshole.
Signing on as a company driver for Brandt Ideas felt like a dream.
Big-girl salary. Stellar benefits. Glorious people—minus one.
Nicholas Brandt was put on Earth to drive me insane.
Of course, he’s my bossman.

He spent the first month mistaking me for a dude.
Then he “apologized” with the grace of a drunken moose.
A perfect grump with a brutal reputation.
A heart-thief sculpted like a fallen angel.
A master at making me question all of my life decisions.

Why is it always the terrible ones who make a girl tingle?
The longer I’m stuck with Satan in endless Chicago traffic, the faster he wears me down.
When he needs a “date” at this rich-people charity dance, I crack.

I say yes.
I kiss my incurable, broken, off-limits boss—and God help me, I like it.
I invite disasters fated to rip my heart out.
And just when Nick Brandt can’t cut my life into tinier confetti, the unthinkable does.
Guess who wants to save me.
Now guess how much barbed wire I’ve got to keep Mr. Anti-Perfect in exile…

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