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Review: Make You Beg by Shantel Tessier

Make You Beg by Shantel Tessier

To the world, she’s known as Henley Greene.
To me, she’s a little doll— a toy to be played with and tossed to the side once no longer wanted.
She will pay for her betrayal however I deem necessary.

Imagine living in a constant nightmare where you have no control. Running from someone or something, you can hear him getting closer and feel his breath on your neck. You know that no matter what you do, he’s going to get you.

He will win.

But I don’t have just one. I have four.

Ryan Scout, Van Rellik, Dax Monroe, and Grayson Law are the Reapers of Westbrook High, my ex-best friends, and now my biggest enemies. They run the school and own this town. They want nothing more than to make me pay for what I saw that night at Death Valley. A sick and twisted game that leaves me dirty and bruised with torn clothing.

So how did I fall in love with one?

I was raised to fear the dark side, but he showed me it was in the dark where the truth came to light. He played with me until my body craved his touch. I was going to prove I could be his most trusted servant in every form of the word. Whether kneeling before him or lying on my back, my sole purpose in life was to be his.

But when you’re a toy everyone likes to play with, you’re bound to end up broken.

This book is dark but it’s so very good. Think Cruel Intentions from Siobhan Davis or Corrupt from Penelope Douglas. The one drawback here is it’s a standalone and I would love to have more. Henley is a force to be reckoned with in so many ways but she has a one weakness she struggles to control and it’s her attraction to her former friends. This story is non-stop action with quite a few twists and I couldn’t put it down.

Some might find this story disturbing but as a true crime buff, nothing shocks me so I enjoyed every minute. This is a true thriller and the suspense is epic. I especially loved Henley, Dax, Law and Lacy, although the other characters are fantastic but this story is so plot-driven, I feel like I didn’t get to know the characters enough. The relationships here are complicated and sometimes disturbing but I love the way this book ended. My one criticism is that I wanted more of this couple because there was so much happening, they didn’t have much downtime together and I would’ve loved to see the inner workings of their relationship. There’s no way to say much about the plot without being a spoiler so I’ll only say that this book is long but it’s worth every minute.

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