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Review: The Change Up by Meghan Quinn

My relationship with this book? It’s complicated. Kinsley isn’t my favorite and she kind of annoyed me. She’s preachy and inflexible, so much so that she has no friends. Maddox is awesome though, so he saved this book for me. I love a good friends to lovers and this one was fun because they really never thought of one another as more than a friend until they’re suddenly living together. Now there are feelings and nobody is sure how to handle them but the living arrangement can’t change at the moment so they’ve just got to suck it up.

His character has a lot more depth than hers but it works just fine. These two are steamy and I loved his teammates and their wives. Despite my initial inclination that Maddox could do better, I warmed up to Kinsley mostly and I’m glad I did, because I really enjoyed their story.

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The Change Up
by Meghan Quinn

Published 2020

The Change Up by Meghan Quinn
Review: The Change Up by Meghan Quinn

BREAKING NEWS: The Bad Boy of Baseball, Maddox Paige, is totally and utterly whipped.

Okay, that might not be the headlines in the newspaper this morning, but it’s the reality of my current situation.

It all started a month ago when I received a call from my best friend, Kinsley. She got a new job in Chicago and needed a place to stay. I’ve known the girl since I was five, what harm would it be to have her stay at my place for a while? Ha! Total disaster.

Now instead of going out every night with my teammates, I’m couch surfing and sketching endless photos of my best friend . . . but that’s the least of my concerns.

The disaster, you ask? I’m rapidly falling head over cleats in love with my best friend, my roommate, and my number one fan.

And she has no idea . . .

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