Midnight Seduction by C.R. Robertson
Book Review, Contemporary Romance, Romance Serial, Suspense

Book Review: Midnight Seduction by C.R. Robertson

The darkness cloaks sinful acts and deadly deeds.
Secrets are the currency, death is the penalty, and pleasure is the ultimate obsession.

My past haunted me, the ghosts of those I loved still clinging to me after all these years. I never let anyone touch my emotions… Until him.

He was an enigma, a man I met in the darkness who had no features but knew every inch of me. The darkness hid me but in that decadent world I found something that shouldn’t exist. I found peace in his arms and freedom in his embrace.

His touch excited me, his kisses intoxicated me, and Zee showed me that pleasure was allowed in a world of pain. Until the day, I had to let him go before he claimed my heart.

And just when I was broken, he found me again, but this time the darkness couldn’t hide me from his hypnotic stare.

This was a short read and started kind of strange but I enjoyed it. Cas and Zee meet at a private sex club he owns when her friend talks her into giving it a try. They fall for one another, which breaks all the rules, so they part ways and stops going to the club, but can’t get him out of her mind. This is a serial so I worried about a cliffhanger but they did find each other again before the end. It was an interesting story so I was going to continue the series, but the second book doesn’t sound anything like this one. The description includes a bunch of drama that was never mentioned in the first book so I think I’m satisfied with their story ending here.

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