Dare You by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine
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Book Review: Dare You by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

From Ella Frank’s Prime Time series and Brooke Blaine’s South Haven series comes an explosive spin-off of both worlds.

Sebastian “Bash” Vogel, the magnetic, cross-dressing CEO of AnaVoge, has long been a lone island when it comes to his personal life. Self-assured and playful, he’s never left wanting for suitors—but Bash isn’t looking for something permanent. He’s more than fulfilled with his company and his closest friends, and no one is going to shake up the status quo.

That is, until he’s thrown over the shoulder of one of Chicago’s finest and hauled out of a burning building.

Kieran Bailey, a sexy, hardworking lieutenant at Station 73, has been reaping the rewards of being crowned the city’s hottest fireman, which his crew never lets him forget. So many ladies, so little time. So when he rescues the latest damsel in distress, no one is more shocked than him to realize he’s played prince charming to another . . . prince.

But Bash isn’t like anyone Kieran has ever met, and soon his world is turned upside down as he becomes more intrigued by the enigmatic man that he can’t stay away from.

They’re from two different worlds. This could never work. But what if . . . they dared to try?

Dare You is book one of the Dare to Try trilogy, which must be read in order. Prior reading is not required, but is always a fantastic idea for maximum enjoyment.

The characters are from the authors’ previous series so although they’re not required reading, I think I would have connected with the MCs more had I read the earlier books. That said, both characters were unique and immediately likeable so I was hooked right away. It’s a fun story with an interesting premise (this is my first gay-for-you or bi-for-you), but this book ends on a cliffhanger where nothing is resolved. That’s a huge no in my preferred reading so this was a very disappointing ending.

Yes, it’s a trilogy so I wasn’t expecting HEA but I was expecting some acknowledgement that they were both interested in a HFA, if nothing else, but we don’t get that here. The characters were engaging and the story flowed with a great pace. Everything about this book was nicely done, up until that ending.

I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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