Rush by Lane Hart
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Book Review: Rush by Lane Hart

When college football star Graham Lawson is given one last Hail Mary chance to pull up his GPA or lose his spot on the team, he turns to the sweet but shy bookworm from his hometown – the girl who saved his ass back in high school.

Skyler Sutton is beyond stunned when her longtime crush asks her to come stay with him for the entire summer. She’s even more surprised when Graham’s two incredibly hot, fun-loving roommates decide to educate her with a lifetime of firsts she’ll never forget.

Charlie and Tyson show Skyler friendship, compassion, and love that knows no limits. They even try to protect her from having her heart broken when they convince playboy Graham to keep his hands off of his sexy, little tutor.

But can two amazing guys really replace the one man who Skyler would give anything to be with?

After Graham caves and can no longer resist Sky, will she have to choose between her unconventional relationship with Charlie and Tyson? Or will Graham decide to team up with his roommates to give Sky everything she’s ever dreamed of and more?

This started out well because Skyler was lonely and sad but Charlie and Ty quickly took a liking to her. She had real friends for the first time in her life and they were so sweet to her. RH and MM aren’t my thing, but I didn’t mind them here since the story was otherwise enjoyable. Once Graham finally realized he had feelings for her, the story veered way off course.

She wanted nothing to do with her friends once Graham was attracted to her, plus she was so desperate for him that she had unprotected sex and then couldn’t be bothered to find her own morning-after pill. Graham treated Sky like garbage, I couldn’t stand the way he spoke to her but she was fine with it and even had his baby. This was a pretty good story right up to the end but it would’ve been much better if Sky had kicked him to the curb for Ty and Charlie.

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