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Review: The Sweet Talker by Gina Azzi

This is a sweet, lighthearted love story that I really enjoyed. Indy has been so focused on her career that she’s let her social life suffer but when she runs into her former teenage crush, the sparks fly, they decide to be friends with benefits. Noah starts having feelings for Indy almost instantly, but he’s completely in denial and doesn’t realize it at first.

Indy is a great character: smart, driven, focused and still fun. Noah is super sweet and funny, so I liked them both immediately. The supporting cast is Indy’s family, Noah’s brother and other players for the Boston Hawks and I liked them all. They set up the next story in the series well and make me want to read the next one. This is a low-angst, HEA story with real heart and lots of laughs. I highly recommend it.

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The Sweet Talker
by Gina Azzi
Boston Hawks Hockey book 1

Published 2021

The Sweet Talker by Gina Azzi
The Sweet Talker by Gina Azzi

I’ve sworn off hockey players. Until the pregnancy test turns pink.

Noah Scotch is revered in Boston, a veritable god on the ice. I’m a nerdy, newly minted college professor who would rather color code my planner than hit the club scene. Noah shouldn’t look at me twice but when he does, I falter.

Who can blame me?

The sweet talker with the deliciously chiseled abs and sinful chocolate eyes is a force. On and off the ice. One hot and intense night with Noah has me second guessing my lack of a dating life.

Friends with benefits? He offers, I dive in headfirst. Growing up in a hockey family, I know better than to get serious with a player.

But the more time I spend getting to know Noah, the more my intention to keep things casual rings false.

Now, I’ve got a hopeful heart and a baby on the way.

I just need to tell Noah. But when I do, will I end up with everything I never knew I wanted? Or on my own?

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