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Review: Reputation by Adriana Locke

Reputation - Adriana Locke
Reputation – Adriana Locke

Coy Mason is a jerk.

If there is one truth that Bellamy Davenport knows, it’s that. Well, that and the fact she didn’t mean to hurt him. Physically. Coy can’t be hurt emotionally because he doesn’t have a heart.

Coy is not just the small-town, literal boy next door. He’s a heartbreaking, womanizing, mischief-making (and delicious) man and was all of those things well before he became a hot-shot country music sensation.

He’s a dream standing in her doorway with no shirt, messy hair, and a “Do you wanna?” grin. But he’s also a nightmare for her heart, and she knows it.

Their enemies-to-lovers relationship always ends the same way—heavy on the enemies, light on the lovers.

So why is she still standing there?

I first met Coy and Bellamy in Locke’s The Relationship Pact, which was Coy’s cousin Larissa’s story and Bellamy is her best friend. Larissa, Bellamy, Coy and Boone (Coy’s younger brother) were a tight foursome who grew up doing everything together. The other three are still the very best of friends, living and playing together in their hometown of Savannah, but Coy’ a bit of an outside. He’s a big country music star now so everything about his life has changed, but his family loves him as much as always, they just wish they got to see him more often. Bellamy makes it clear in Larissa’s story that she wants to stay far away from Coy, although she never explains why.

These two had a boy/girl-next-door thing on and off for years but he broke her heart spectacularly and the childhood friends are now enemies, at least as far as Bellamy is concerned. Coy promised that things wouldn’t change then he cut her out of his life when he went to Nashville. There were a few misunderstandings and some bad luck, but he takes full responsibility for everything so that should fix things, but it’s not enough. His career is there and she’s here, with family obligations that won’t change. Even if they can repair what’s between them, they can’t be together.

Bellamy is tough and strong, sassy and self-assured to the world but inside, she’s scared and has never felt more alone. Coy wants her in his life but she’s lived enough heartbreak to last a lifetime already and she can’t face any more. These two were meant to be together, but can they make it work?

They’re both likeable, fun characters that I loved immediately. The supporting cast is great as well. The Mason family is always fun and Bellamy’s dad plays a big role in her story. This is a couple you can’t help rooting for and one that really deserves their HEA. I’m still torn between Coy and Boone as my favorite Mason boy because they’re both so sweet. I was sure Boone won after reading Reckless, but going back to Coy and Bellamy’s story is making me doubt that declaration all over again.

I love Locke’s style with the huge cast of characters and simple but poignant storylines that still manage to be funny. Now I’m wondering when Oliver and Wade’s stories are coming and trying to choose between whether the Landry or Gibson series will be my next choice. This is a standalone but if you’re planning to read the whole series, there are spoilers so you may want to start at the beginning and read them in order.

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