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Review: Getting Down by Helena Hunting

Getting Down by Helena Hunting
Getting Down by Helena Hunting
Shacking Up series book 1.5

***An in-between the books novella in the Shacking Up Series***

Originally published as part of the USA Today bestselling anthology Eye CandyGetting Down is a hilarious and hot short story set in the Shacking Up world. Now contains a never before published bonus scene!

Ruby Scott’s favorite holiday is here, all she needs is a moderately good excuse to throw a party. With the help of her best friend Amalie–and Amalie’s fiancé’s budget–the two of them throw a Halloween-inspired fundraiser. But no event goes off without a couple hitches . . .

This novella takes place between the end of the first book and the beginning of the second, making it book 1.5 in the series. It’s not critical to have read these in order but I promise this is a fantastic primer that should definitely be read before Hooking Up. This novella sets it up perfectly and although I enjoyed the book very much, I think I would’ve enjoyed it even more had I read this one first.

We get to see how Ruby and Bane are doing in the near future and get to enjoy the shenanigans as Ruby and Amalie throw a big party for a charity event. We get to know Lexington, Armstrong and Amalie better which helps set up future books. There were also some jokes in Amalie’s story that were funny enough, but having read Getting Down, they’re now much funnier and have a bigger impact on her story. One thing that really stands out here is that the dual POV is Ruby and Amy, not a heroine and a hero as usual, but it works very well here.

Ruby and Bane are happy and hot as ever. Amalie’s preparing to marry Armstrong and gain a monster-in-law. There are a couple of incidents that take place here make her story a lot more fun to read. We also get more of Lexington, Bane’s seemingly irresponsible brother who caused him a lot of headaches on their last business trip and that was fun because his story is next. It’s a funny story with a lot of heat in some parts and buckets of cold water in others, but it’s a fantastic lead in to the second book so worth every minute.

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