Rydeville Elite series - Ruse - short story - Siobhan Davis
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Ruse – Rydeville High Elite series bonus content by Siobhan Davis

One of the things I loved most about the Rydeville Elite series was the opening scene when Kai and Abby meet on the beach, long before Cam shows up at her school and turns her life upside-down. The scene was just enough of a tease to hook me but still gave enough information to be satisfying in itself. It certainly hinted at much more to come, but it served an invaluable purpose in the story.

I always prefer to see both POV in a romance and love scenes from the male perspective are always hot. The original prologue is a beautifully written scene and steamy as can be but it’s all told from Abby’s POV. Until now, when I found Ruse: Rydeville Elite High bonus short story.

I’ve just finally discovered (duh) that Siobhan Davis has gifted us a retelling of the prologue completely from Kai’s POV and then some. That’s to say, it doesn’t end when Abby leaves the cabin, instead showing us a bit of the complicated backstory between Kai and his friends. Ruse opens with a very well-written, sexy scene but the interaction with Jackson and Sawyer is full of spoilers so shouldn’t be read until after reading Cruel Intentions.

This was a lovely little gem in an otherwise boring day and I’m so glad to have finally found it. I loved reading one of my favorites scenes from his POV and Kai’s take on that first meeting is hot as hell. Definitely worth reading.

Footnote: there are 7 books in the Rydeville Elite series (so far) but Abby and Kai’s story is a complete series to me. Books 1 and 2 end in cliffhangers so the story flows uninterrupted for three full novels while books 4-7 are stand alones for various characters we’ve met in Abby and Kai’s story (Charlie, Jackson, Sawyer and Drewe). I’ll probably read the rest eventually — especially Jackson’s because wow — but 6 and 7 haven’t even been released yet.

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