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Review: Aidan by L.K. Shaw

At twenty-eight, I’m not supposed to be raising my three orphaned siblings and trying to run our family’s pub alone.

When dangerous men come to collect on Da’s debt—one I can’t pay—I go to the only person who might be able to help. My closest friend, Aidan.

Only he’s not who he says he is.

As a member of the Donnelly family, and the biggest crime organization in Dublin, he’s able to pay off the debt and keep my siblings and me safe.

His price? Marriage.

Sorcha put her life on hold five years ago to help her dad raise her younger sibling’s after their mother’s death but now her father is gone too. At just twenty-eight, she’s all these kids have left besides the bar her family owns. She’s struggling to raise three grieving children and run an exhausting business, so she feels like she’s hit rock bottom, but then it gets worse. The bar is losing money and her father borrowed a huge sum to keep it running but she had no idea until she’s accosted by thugs demanding payment.

She’s terrified and turns to the only friend she has left: Aiden. Her mild-mannered friend has been her rock since the day they met, when he saved her from a possessive ex. Sorcha has no idea that Aiden’s a mafia prince since he goes by his mother’s maiden name and never told her about his family, but when she needs help, he’s in a unique position to take care of everything. But instead of the boss he expected to find, Aiden finds an enemy in charge and he’s not going to make this easy for Liam or for Sorcha.

Aiden devises a plan, but it requires them to get married, so Sorcha is understandably shocked. They’re both apprehensive about marrying but he knows it’s the best way to keep Sorcha and the kids safe so she reluctantly agrees. For the first time, Sorcha is forced to face her feelings for her best friend, the ones she’s refused to acknowledge for years. This is a suspenseful and angsty friends-to-lovers and I loved every minute of it. I’d like to thank the author for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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