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Review: You’re So Bad by Angela Casella

Never fall for the man who’s supposed to help you get revenge…

It’s not every day you get asked to be a bridesmaid for the wedding of your ex and your ex-best friend. Call me lucky? My grandmother thinks I’m crazy for agreeing, but I can’t let those so-and-sos know they’ve pummeled my self-worth…even if it’s true.

Then my grandmother goes off the deep end and tells everyone that I have a boyfriend. A pediatric surgeon boyfriend. Worse, she’s shown them his photograph.

The guy in question? He’s a hot piece of bad news. He may have befriended my grandmother, but he’s far from being in my good graces. So it surprises me when he makes an intriguing proposition.

Why play nice when you can get even?

Shauna thinks she’s going to pay me to play Chaos Coordinator. No need. Causing trouble is basically my calling in life. And if I can do that and spend time with a hot purple-haired ball buster?

Sign me up.

Nothing good can come of any of this. Then again, I realized a long time ago that I’m no good for anyone, myself included. So we might as well have some fun.

We first met Shauna in Rafe and Sinclair’s book, A Brooding Bodyguard. She’s Rafe’s BFF and lots of fun, but she’s no pushover. There’s a tough cookie aura about her, which tells me she’s had a rough life but the more I learned about Shauna, the more I loved her. Leonard is a stereotypical tatted bad boy type and he’s pretty to look at but he’s got bad news written all over him. Shauna’s determined not to act on her attraction to the annoying but delicious conman.

These two aren’t even friends but when Shauna’s crazy grandma tries to help her save face, Leonard is her only hope. That’s because Constance made up a story about Shauna’s pediatric surgeon boyfriend, using Leonard’s picture. It wouldn’t be such a big deal except that she needs a date to her ex’s wedding. Her cheating ex who hooked up with her former bestie – while they were still dating – and the two fell in love while sneaking around behind Shauna’s back.

She doesn’t want to go to the wedding and she sure as heck doesn’t want to be Bianca’s MOH, but what’s the alternative? Refusing would make it look as though she still cares about Colter, and she certainly doesn’t. Bianca can have the boring jerk, as far as Shauna is concerned. Her former friend is the one who truly broke her heart, not the cheating ex. She expected more from her friend, not so much from her man.

Leonard volunteers for the role a bit too eagerly, considering their casually snarky relationship which barely exists; however he’s had a thing for Shauna since the moment they met so this is an opportunity for him. For what, he’s not sure since Shaune deserves so much better, but he’s drawn to her and not strong enough to stay away, even when he knows he should. Their story gets heavy in places due to the abusive, neglectful childhoods they both endured but is also riddled with humor and full of great banter.

I really enjoyed these characters in every way. They’re so real and at times raw, but hilarious and super steamy at others. The usual supporting cast is amazing as always, plus there are some new faces joining the gang. This is a fun read and I loved every minute of it. I’d like to thank the author for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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