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Review: The Proposal by Adriana Locke

Breaking News: Rugby’s bad boy marries his best friend’s little sister

If Renn Brewer would’ve asked me to marry him, I would’ve said no.


One, his reputation precedes him. His name is in the headlines at least once a month. Two, he’s not just my brother’s best friend. They’re teammates. And three, I’m in my self-care era.

Unfortunately, a version of me equates self-care with bad choices.

The cocktail in my hand—similar to the one that got me into this situation—is the prettiest shade of pink. It’s almost the same color as the giant rock on my left hand. And instead of discussing an annulment, I’m considering a 90-day marriage of convenience to the man I accidentally married in Las Vegas.

Renn didn’t propose marriage. But he does deliver a proposal I might be unable to turn down.

Blakely’s about to turn thirty and she’s feeling some kind of way about it, so a trip to Vegas with her bestie, Ella, is just the thing to cheer her up. She’s stressed knowing she’s hitting the big 3-0 with no man in her life, since she really wants a family of her own, but she also knows she’s a magnet for losers so she vows to only date men who are good enough from now on. She’s pleasantly surprised when her brother and his BFF show up to celebrate her birthday since Brock is her only family. And she’s always happy to see Renn and enjoy their flirtatious banter, even though he’s totally off-limits.

Brock and Ella have an on-again/off-again hook up thing happening and they’re currently on the outs so Blakely waves them off to do their thing, content to celebrate with Renn. And celebrate they do, probably a bit too much, considering they wake up married with no idea what happened the night before and no recollection of the wedding. Renn’s been keeping a low profile due to a clause in his new contract but their drunk Vegas wedding just confirms his bad boy player reputation. He could lose his spot on the team and his antics might cost his dad a huge deal, so there’s only one thing to do: insist the marriage is real.

Blakely hates this idea but she also doesn’t want to see her friend’s life blow up so she wants to help. It’s a lot to ask and she’s not sure she can do it, so Renn sweetens the deal and makes an offer she can’t refuse: Stay married for ninety days and he’ll give her the baby she so badly wants. These two were fire. I loved the characters and the way they danced around each other until they couldn’t resist any longer. Their chemistry is palpable but they’ve ignored it for years, not willing to cross that line until all the togetherness drives them right to the edge.

This was a fun story with a lot of laughs and so much heat. Renn is the perfect book boyfriend, with his filthy mouth and cheeky humor. Blakely isn’t shy though and gives as good as she gets, which is probably what made her irresistible. Their story is sweet and steamy and everything I expect from Locke. I’m a big fan of her books but she’s really outdone herself with Blakely and Renn.

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