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Throwback Thursday: The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea by Elizabeth O’Roark

You don’t really know a guy until you’ve vacationed with him…

When Drew Wilson’s ex-boyfriend Joel “Six” Bailey asks her to go on his family trip to Hawaii with him just as her life is falling apart, she decides it’s the perfect time to give him another chance.

The hitch? The Bailey family includes Six’s rude older brother, Joshua—a hot-nerd doctor who has hated Drew since the moment they met and once suggested she’d steal the family silver.

Drew is determined to win the Baileys over and give this thing with Six a fair shot…but Joshua is making that difficult. Not simply because he is in her way at every turn, but because—as one tropical adventure leads to the next—she’s beginning to wonder if obnoxious, odious Joshua might be the brother she actually belongs with.

This story was perfect in every way, so good in fact that I’m editing this review more than a year later to say I’ve read this book again and loved it even more the second time. Drew is just the right combination of angst, self-doubt and bravado, so I immediately love her. Josh almost seemed jealous from his first appearance but he’s just snarky enough that I wasn’t sure if he loved or hated Drew. They both have unique lives and strained families so there’s a common thread despite them coming from different worlds. I so enjoyed Josh fussing over Drew and taking care of her, especially on the camping trip. Six was annoying before he even arrived so there was no contest for me who Drew should be with but she did date him first.

Josh just melted my heart from the beginning because you could see how much he cared about her, even if he wouldn’t admit it and didn’t want to. Drew is fiercely independent and so strong, she’s used to doing everything for herself and not counting on anyone else. But Josh just jumps right in to take care of her in every instance, claiming her without even realizing it at first. These two have the most perfect dynamic, with the snarky banter early on and then slowly becoming friends, then more.

There’s a little of everything in this story. We have love, heat, action and suspense. This book scared me in a few places and made me sad in others but it’s ultimately a joyful story with a HEA and I adore it. These two are some of my favorite characters that I’ve read recently and I just wanted more Drew and Josh. I received an ARC from Valentine PR in exchange for an honest review.

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