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Review: Friends With Benefits by Nicole Blanchard

Sometimes friends come with a happy ending.

Rule #1: Communication, so no one gets hurt.

Rule #2: Honesty. If something changes, let the other person know.

Rule #3: No. One. Else. as long as we’re seeing each other.

Rule #4: We don’t stop until you come.


I thought it would be simple. No strings attached sex with someone I trust. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a baseball God and talented in ways that involve his…’bat’.

But what they don’t tell you about having a friend with benefits is how quickly it becomes complicated.


I’m in deep sh*t.

I told her we could keep it casual. That I wouldn’t take it too far.
But who could blame me?

Ember is…everything.
Sexy as sin.
Devoted. Kind.

Now all I have to do is convince her we can have more than one kind of happy ending.

Ember’s story is heartbreaking and drew me in right away. She’s struggling to care for her young twin sisters after being abandoned by their deadbeat addict parents. Ember has no support system, nobody to help and no one to count on. Her jerk of an ex had the nerve to dump her because he met someone else. Life just won’t give poor Ember a break.

Tripp is the hot baseball player next door and her closest friend. He’s the one constant in her life and always willing to help. She doesn’t want her friend to do for her little family but once she truly lets him in, she’s so relieved to have someone sharing the load, it’s amazing. Tripp rocketed to the top of the book boyfriend list because he’s just dreamy. These two are sweet and steamy and perfect in every way. Their story made me so happy!

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