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ARC Review: Iced by Bella Mathews

I never wanted to be a nanny.

That wasn’t part of my carefully crafted, five-year plan. The one I formulated after getting a second chance at life. Neither was losing my heart to the beautiful baby boy I’m taking care of. Even if I saw that coming the moment I laid eyes on him.

Falling in love with his father . . . now that, I didn’t see coming.

But I dare anyone to spend time getting to know the real Jace Kingston . . .
The man behind the hockey jersey, grumpy attitude, and panty-meltingly gorgeous face.
The one who sweetly sings his son to sleep . . . who holds him with such care.
The same man who knows exactly how to light every inch of my body on fire.
The one I can’t resist.

It was supposed to be one year of my life.
I’d pay off my student loans.
He’d get through his first season of pro hockey.
Then I’d help him find my replacement.

If only it was that easy.

I love this series more with every book. Jace was kind of a mystery until now, the goofball little brother and hockey star, ladies’ man and party animal. The burning question in my mind was: since when does Jace have a kid? He’s only twenty-two and about to enter the NHL draft so having a family isn’t something he wants anytime soon. But Jace is all in the first time he sees his baby and life will never be the same. He’s lucky to have his family to help him, since he doesn’t have a single clue how to care for a baby, but he still needs help. He’s not sold on the idea of trusting his infant to some stranger, but Amelia and Wren find the perfect person for the job so India is the one.

Jace is immediately smitten with the gorgeous blond who’s fantastic with his baby but of course he’s constantly being reminded that he can not bang the nanny. And he agrees that would make things awkward and messy so he’s determined to follow this one rule, until he can’t resist her anymore. Indie finds the hockey god equally irresistible but she needs this job and the extremely generous salary it entails. It doesn’t take long for her to fall in love with the adorable little boy, which just makes her feelings for his daddy all the more complicated.

They can only resist for so long before things get weird. He’s paying her after all and she needs this job. Jace is all in with Indie from the start. He believes in love and soulmates and recognizing The One from the start, but can he convince the woman of his dreams that this is real? Jace and Indie are so easy to love, I was hooked on these characters from the first page. His family plays a big role in their story and I enjoyed seeing Indie fit in right away. The whole gang embraced her from the start, even grumpy suspicious Max, which was a pleasant surprise. I loved everything about these characters and their story and highly recommend this book. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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