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Review: A Wild Heart by Amie Knight

I lost a huge piece of myself the day my husband was killed in action.

In the months that followed, I felt like my grief would swallow me whole.

My only solace was my daughter, whose bright light guided me through the darkest of times.

I never wanted to meet someone else.

I vowed to never fall in love again, especially with a marine.

It was supposed to be no strings attached and for a while it was.

But Weston Reeves’s grumpy soul called to my tortured one.

Maybe it was the midnight rides on his bike or the way that only I could make him smile.

He lit me up, set my body afire, and for the first time in five years made me feel alive.

Our relationship was probably the worst gamble I’d ever taken.

But my stupid, wild heart needed him, even if our love was destined to burn me to ashes.

Emily’s world implodes when her husband is killed in action. She’s suddenly a single mom with no one to turn to and her heart breaks every day. Five years later, her husband’s best friend convinces her to move her family across the country and Emily decides she has nothing to lose. Holden and his wife Miranda are the only family they have, so why not be closer?

She hasn’t been open to dating since Andrew died but when she meets Weston, he’s just what she needs for the night. Their attraction turns into more and they’re consumed with one another, but also confused by their feelings. Their hearts belong to other people so this can’t work. Or so they think. This story is an emotional rollercoaster and I loved every minute of it. This one hits you right in the feels for so many reasons. Emily has always had a lonely life but then she found her one true love, only to lose him. She’ll never get over Andrew but that’s okay because she doesn’t want to get over him.

Enter Weston. A former military man, he has his own sad story and is no more inclined to move on with his life than she is, so it’s a perfect opportunity to have some fun with no expectations. But the heart wants what it wants, no matter how much you may fight it. They’re two damaged, broken people who find comfort together and it turns in to something more. It starts out sad but they’re so good for each other and their HEA made my heart happy. I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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