Featured Author: LJ Shen

This is a new feature to introduce the world to my favorite authors. There are so many wonderful authors out there and it’s our duty as book lovers to shout our favorites from the rooftops so other readers discover their stories.

LJ Shen is probably best known for her Sinners of Saint series, especially the fan-favorite Vicious, everyone’s favorite billionaire with a black heart. I love the series although Bane is my fave of the five. Jesse and Bane are a couple you’ll never forget. Everything about that story and those characters left me wanting more and I’ve read it several times. But it was the Sinners of Saint second gen series, All Saints High, that pulled me into Todo Santos and the world of the hotholes. My first book by the author was Pretty Reckless, which remains to this day one of my favorite stories. Daria and Penn are flawed people but make the perfect couple because they want to be better for one another. And the history there? If you haven’t read it yet, put it at the top of your TBR, you’ll be glad you did. Angry God is also a must-read. Vaughn and Lenny are enemies-to-lovers in a class of their own.

The Boston Belles series is another favorite. I fell in love with The Hunter, which is half romance, half action movie with tons of outside drama and absolutely unputdownable. Her standalones pull you in with strong female leads and growly alpha men who steal their heart. From the relatively lighthearted Tyed to the heavy but oh-so-worth-it read Playing With Fire, there’s something for everyone.

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