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Throwback Thursday: The Stories That Started It All

Long ago, I was all about the mystery. I’d never picked up a romance in my life and had no intention of doing so. Once upon a time, I bought into the stereotype that romance was trashy and not worth my time as a reader. Thankfully that changed when a few choice posts on social media led me to books by authors new to me. Daria and Penn were my baptism by fire, and I was hooked before I even finished Pretty Reckless. And once I finished, I immediately read it again. This was a whole new world!

The next book that caught my eye was Cruel Intentions. Full disclosure: I’m hooked on 90’s flicks and that’s one of my all-time favorites. I honestly chose a book because it had the same title as a movie I love. It seems like the kind of thing that would go wrong. I expected to regret it, but instead it was one of the best bookish decisions ever.

My one criticism of the genre was that everything is so heavy but then I found exactly what I needed in Pucked. And that was truly the beginning of an era. Then came a series of girl-crushes for all the badass heroines. Alex Waters became the very first of many book boyfriends and the rest is history. These are just a few of the best stories and most talented authors that drew me and they’re all must-reads.

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