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Review: Good Girl by Piper Lawson

Let me start by saying these books are short and the first two end in cliffhangers so if you’re going to pick up the first one, you’re committed to 3 books. That’s not my favorite thing because it forces readers to choose between DNF and buying more books, which isn’t very nice but I set my ethical objections aside to read this and did enjoy the series.

Haley Telfer is a college student who loves music and can code like crazy so when she gets an opportunity to go on tour with one of her favorite musicians, she jumps at the chance to work at Wicked records. Haley is fantastic character, very likeable and sympathetic because she’s recently buried her mom and has no family. I liked her immediately and enjoyed how this character developed throughout the series.

Jax Jameison is the moody rocker the band is built around and he’s not easy to handle but Haley gains his respect early on. There’s attraction but an age gap and these two come from very different worlds so there’s a lot of will-they/won’t-they in the beginning. Also, relationships aren’t allowed on tour and fooling around is cause for immediate dismissal, so this is slow burn for a few reasons.

The supporting characters are good and there’s more plot than just the romance, but it’s the main characters, especially Haley, who grabbed my interest early. The characters are pretty realistic (aside from Jax being one of the world’s biggest rockstars), which I love, so that always pulls me in to a story. My loathing of cliffys aside, I couldn’t wait to see what happened next (I didn’t know it was a cliffy until it happened) and I jumped on the next book immediately, binging the entire series. It was totally worth it and I will probably read them again.

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Wicked series

Good Girl
by Piper Lawson
Wicked book 1

Published 2018

Good Girl by Piper Lawson - Wicked series book 1
Review: Good Girl by Piper Lawson
Wicked series book 1

Haley’s job is to keep rockstar Jax Jamieson out of trouble…

Not to fall for him.

I was hired to work for a legend. Instead, I’m being seduced by a man.

When I took an internship on rock god Jax Jamieson’s tour, I never thought he’d look twice at me. He’s older, cocky, jaded and nothing like the college guys I’m used to. 

 He’s gorgeous, rich, talented, and the biggest rockstar in the world.

Too bad I rubbed him the wrong way on day one. 

Now he takes divine pleasure in making my life hell. During soundcheck. On the road. At the hotel after shows.

I need this job for reasons he can never know. That’s why I have to be cool under that smoldering gaze and arrogant grin. 

The bigger problem is when the cynicism slips away, exposing the cracks beneath. When he lets his guard down to tell me things he hasn’t told a soul.

Because a million women might scream his name…

But he whispers mine.

GOOD GIRL is book 1 in the enthralling, emotional bestselling rockstar romance series WICKED. Start reading now–you’ll be desperate to binge Jax and Haley’s epic completed story!

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