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Featured Author: Elsie Silver

This is a new feature to introduce the world to my favorite authors. There are so many wonderful authors out there and it’s our duty as book lovers to shout our favorites from the rooftops so other readers discover their stories.

Elsie Silver writes sweet yet steamy small-town love that you need to read. I’m still making my way through the Gold Rush Ranch series, but I’m already hooked. The characters are loveable, the banter is excellent, and the chemistry is off the charts. Her latest is Flawless, book one of the new Chestnut Springs series and it’s a must-read. Rhett is a gruff rodeo rider with a very smart mouth and a sense of humor just dark enough to create a PR nightmare for his sponsors. Summer is the news sports agent tasked with babysitting him for the summer. To say they resent one another is an understatement and watching them clash is so much fun.

It’s one of my top twenty books of the year so I’m excited for her next release, Heartless. Chestnut Springs book two is a grumpy single-dad age gap story that I can’t wait to read. The October release can’t come soon enough.

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