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ARC Review: Bloody Cruel Monster by Lucy Smoke

It will end the same way it started … with death.


I gave Braxton Smalls everything. I sacrificed myself and all I ended up with was a broken heart and a shattered soul. Now, I’ve got bigger things to worry about than an angry Eastpoint Heir hot on my trail.

Brax may be the psycho who kidnapped me–but he’s nothing compared to the organization my brother works for.

And me? I’m the monster ready to wreck them all.


I live for vengeance. That’s all I know, all I see. Until her. Until Clover La Roux. No … until Evgenia Volkov. Daughter of a Russian mobster. Sister to the man who tortured one of my best friends. The only woman to ever satisfy the cruel desires inside of me.

Whoever took her will pay with their lives. And once I have her back, I’ll make sure she can never leave me again. Consequences be damned.

The story opens right where the previous book left off, which is always a relief. Clover has taken off and Braxton will stop at nothing to get her back. She’s fighting multiple battles running from Brax, handling the bad guys and dealing with Ace. He has problems too, but the most important thing in his world is getting Clover back. These two are dark, both together and separately. This is bloody, violent and suspenseful and I don’t just mean the suspense plotline. Even the romance is twisted here but it works.

The action never stops from the opening scene so there’s never a dull moment. They eventually get their HFN but the ending sets the stage for the next book in the series. I like both characters, especially Clover, so it was easy to root for them but I couldn’t connect with these two as much as I like. I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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