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ARC Review: The Reckless Union by Monica Murphy

I didn’t plan to marry a reclusive heiress. Lucky for me, I find myself attracted to my beautiful new bride. Our arranged marriage connects two powerful companies. That we’re compatible between the sheets is a bonus, but I didn’t bargain on her ex showing up at the wedding reception uninvited.

Our marriage may look like a fairytale, but outside forces threaten to tear us apart. Don’t they realize that nothing will keep me apart from Charlotte? Not my family. Not hers either.

What started out as a relationship in name only has evolved into something much more. Something deeper. And when Charlotte is taken from me, I launch into action, determined to rescue her.

She’s mine. Nothing is going to stop me from being with her.

Not a damn thing.

Welcome to the Midnight Dynasty… The warring Morelli and Constantine families have enough bad blood to fill an ocean, and their brand new stories will be told by your favorite dangerous romance authors.

This picks up exactly where The Ruthless Groom ended, with Charlotte being held captive and Perry losing his mind. They’re both suffering on so many levels because they care for each other, but their relationship is so new. She worries he won’t try to save her, and he fears she went willingly with Seamus. The suspense doesn’t just come from the subplot with her unhinged former lover; They were forced into an arranged marriage and neither wanted it but now they’re falling for one another and unsure how the other feels. I loved everything about Perry and Charlotte’s story – except maybe that it’s a trilogy so I had to wait for it continue. These two are steamy and different and I loved every minute of it. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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