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ARC Review: Beyond My Darkness by RC Boldt

Twelve years ago, I fled, vowing to never again use my power. But everything changes when I break that vow and bring two bodies back to life in the morgue.

It sends me spinning directly into his orbit.

Arrogant. Menacing. Enigmatic. That’s Bronson Cortez, the notoriously violent gang leader who remains elusive to authorities.

He breaks the law at every turn and answers to no one. But when he offers me an alluring glimpse of what lies beneath that iron-clad exterior, I realize there’s more to him than meets the eye.

The man who fiercely guards his heart somehow manages to claim mine.

But he doesn’t know the truth about me.

I wonder if he could be the first to accept me for who I am—what I am.

I wonder if he’ll be the first to see beyond my darkness.

This story is different and I loved everything about it. Georgia has a special ability that seems like a curse in every way. She was dealt a bad hand in life from the start and it only made things so much worse. The one person she should have ben able to count on and trust betrayed her in every way and exploited her abilities in ways that endangered Georgia. She was abused and bullied for years, called a witch and a demon, unnatural, evil. She struggled for years until she finally met someone she thought she could trust, only to be betrayed again in unimaginable ways.

Georgia broke free of her life, but living on the streets as a teen wasn’t easy, until she met a kindred spirit who took her in. Now a successful professional, she owes everything to him. Her life is lonely but peaceful and stable and she’s happy. Until the dead start speaking to her and asking her to deliver messages to a local gang leader. Bronson is trouble in every way but Georgia finds herself drawn to him even as she fights the feeling. Soon, she’s in danger but is it because she entered Bronson’s world or because of the dead that visit hers?

Their story is full of suspense and mystery, with plenty of banter and some heat to balance it out. I couldn’t put this book down. Georgia and Bronson are both interesting and sympathetic characters and I loved watching them fight the attraction for each other. I received an ARC from Valentine PR in exchange for an honest review.

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