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ARC Review: All That Lies Ahead by Amanda Cuff

Upon realizing her picture-perfect life was a sham, Addison McCormick escaped it all by fleeing to the mountains. What she wanted was peace and quiet. A fresh start.

What she found was a short-lived passion with Chase Prescott that soothed her broken heart. However, that steamy spontaneity led to the surprise of her life. Forced to face the consequences, she headed back to Colorado—only to find it’s not so serene this time around.

Now caught up in a crushing situation, Addison finds her views on family, love, and sacrifice being tested.

Can she endure these challenges and stay by Chase’s side? Or will the responsibilities he’s tied himself to be too much for her to bear?

This is an extremely emotional read, much heavier than my usual preference. But I had to know what came next for Chase and Addison, so it was a must-read. Things aren’t easy as they try to build their new family. Grief is a terrible thing to live with and they struggle to find a way to adjust to the new normal, but they do well. Have some tissues handy for this one. It’s tough to read at times but they ultimately get a happy ending which made it totally worth it. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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