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Review: Hold Me Close by Siobhan Davis

Sons pay for the sins of their fathers…

Bodhi and Easton Lancaster O’Donoghue have grown up sheltered from the truth. Until it’s time for their parents to reveal what happened and how it shaped the events that came later.

Bodhi is quiet. An intelligent, introspective boy who hides his pain deep inside. Shattered by the harsh reality of the past, he spirals into a dark place where no one can reach him.

Easton loves his brother fiercely and has always been there for him. Despite his own grief and confusion, he tries his best to support Bodhi—even if he seems determined to push everyone away.

Vivien and Dillon knew this moment would come. Yet nothing prepared them for the massive fall-out. As Bodhi retreats, and Easton struggles, they fight hard to keep their family together.

Before history repeats itself and they suffer more devastating loss.

This 37k-word epilogue novella cannot be read as a stand-alone and must only be read after Let Me Love You. Contains POV chapters from Viv, Dillon, Easton and Bodhi.

Viv and Dillon’s story blew me away in the All of Me duet and this little glimpse into the future warmed my heart. Easton and Bodhi are in high school now. They have two little sisters, a loving family and everything they could want. Until they don’t. The past comes back to haunt them and Bodhi pays the price most of all.

The family’s in turmoil and there’s so much pain. Dillon and Viv are helpless because nothing gets through to their beloved son. And when help finally comes, it’s from a most unexpected source. This is an emotional rollercoaster much like the original duet, but it’s so worth it. I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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