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Review: Malum Discordiae by Rayvn Salvador

When knowledge and temptation collide, the fall only needs a forbidden fruit.

Skilled forensics scientist Schuyler Liu never expected her job working for a ghost-hunting show to bring so much peace. Until a grand locale in the Garden District uncovers way more than just rattling pipes and drafty entryways, and she walks away with more than she ever imagined. When chaos morphs to terror, she turns to the one man she knows may be able to help her. They may not see eye-to-eye, given their vastly differing beliefs, but Pax is her touchstone in the maelstrom, and she plans to grab hold with both hands until they find the answers they seek.

Excommunicated priest Paxton “Padre” Chase has felt a pull to the beautiful skeptic since she joined the Haunted New Orleans team. When a sinister presence from a routine investigation follows her home, and the oppression becomes real, Pax vows that he will do everything in his power to help her. But while digging into the house’s history to unlock the mysteries of the spirits wreaking havoc, he uncovers more than he ever bargained for. He and Sky have more in common than they ever knew, and the dark forces want to sever those ties—permanently.

I love the spiritual element to this story, with Sky the atheist skeptic falling for Pax, the devout priest. The group has moved on to the next investigation but they’re not prepared to face the dark forces at work here. This is a different kind of suspense and I really enjoyed it. Full disclosure: I briefly belonged to a local paranormal investigation team so this series is particularly appealing. Those shows were my favorite for a while and this series is a look into that world.

My one criticism is that Sky wasn’t the most likeable character. She called herself a skeptic but went out of her way to scoff at or insult anything religious. That’s not skepticism, that’s just being a dick. Investigators need to be open-minded so people like Sky with an obvious bias are exactly what you don’t want in those situations. However, as the story unfolded, it begged the question of whether or not Sky was fully in control of herself. Seeing it from that perspective changes everything. Looking forward to more from this series. I received an ARC from Grey’s Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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