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ARC Review: Filthy by Tia Louise

Good girls are saved by princes, but my savior is a monster.

After my father died and my family splintered, I became a target, a pawn in a game I didn’t know I was playing.
Then he appeared—dark, dangerous, tormented, and always just within reach.
He makes me come alive. He makes me remember.
He makes me feel something I lost years ago: Safe.
And he thinks he can keep me at arm’s length.

Once upon a time I was a hero, until the sins of my father caught up with me, and I was forced into darkness.
I should’ve died in that fire. Instead, I served evil men, until I risked it all by walking away.
Now I’m a wanted man. At any time, I could be taken down for what I owe.
What I don’t expect to find in my hiding place is her—broken, beautiful, so damn tempting.
I was hired to keep her safe. I shouldn’t touch her with my filthy hands.
But every day it gets harder, then she starts sneaking into my bed.

Together, we’re filthy, but together, we can find our way through the flames.

I wanted Hana’s story immediately after meeting her in Fearless so I couldn’t wait for this book. Hana and Scar come from different worlds but they’ve both suffered. She never felt safe until he came into her life. He never wanted to be anyone’s protector until he met her. Scar and Hutch are determined to protect Blake and Hana, but at what cost? They may have underestimated their enemy and it could have devastating consequences for everyone.

I love these characters and the way they fit together so perfectly. Hana and Scar are everything. Their story will bring you to tears at times but it’s also sweet and funny, with plenty of steam and a HEA. I received an ARC from Grey’s Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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