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ARC Review: Reckless Dynasty by Tracy Lorraine

My life has been full of half-truths tangled in lies—I’d been to hell and back more times than I could count.

But nothing could have prepared me for the fear in her voice, and then the sight of that building going up in flames.

After the way I treated her, the way I hurt her, I’d earned that pain back tenfold. I deserved to lose the only bit of light in my dark, twisted life.

Neither of us have survived the suffering only to have it end this way and I refuse to believe that our time is done. It can’t be. Because she was made for me—the only good thing that came out of my past.

And the first chance I get, I’m going to make sure she knows exactly what she means to me.

No more lies.
No more pretending.
Just the raw, honest truth.

I can’t live without her and I’ll spend the rest of my life proving to her that she belongs with me.
That the life we were born into might have left us damaged, but it made us stronger.

And when she claims her rightful place amongst us, I’ll be by her side and together we will rule this reckless dynasty.

But first we have to survive…

This was everything I wanted for Jodie and Toby. Everything. This series became a favorite from the first book but I think I loved this couple more than any of the others. There was attraction and repulsion, fire and ice with the others, but everything about these two was explosive, in both good and bad ways. The whole reason they even met was Toby’s calculated plan for vengeance against Jonas. Once Jodie learned the truth, that should have been the end of them but they just couldn’t let go. They’ve been through more than any of the others and come out so much stronger. Toby finally found a way to let go of all his rage and anger; Jodie had never seen herself as tough or capable but she schooled herself and came out the other side with a newfound self-respect knowing that she’s a complete badass.

They really couldn’t be their true selves without the other. Before Jodie, Toby had no future and he was consumed by hatred for the man who tortured him. Before Toby, Jodie didn’t expect much out of life for herself and she was pretty okay with it because she didn’t recognize her own self-worth or her capabilities. While I adore Stella and Seb, as well as Emmie and Theo, they didn’t really change one another, they simply came together. It’s different for these two because they’re not at all the same people they were at first and they’re much better off for it.

We get plenty of Stella here again and it’s fun to watch the sibling relationship developing between her and Toby. This conclusion also had one twist I didn’t see coming, which added great suspense and made it even more satisfying. Now I can only hope we’ll finally get Callie and Batman’s story because I can’t wait to see where that leaves Alex. I received an ARC from Candi Kane PR in exchange for an honest review. 

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