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ARC Review: Alexei by Eva Winners

Alexei Nikolaev.
Blessed with the face of Adonis.
Cursed with eyes colder than the Arctic and a past he can’t escape.

His history is as tragic as a Dostoyevsky tale.
He’s been on the FBI’s radar for years but has managed to always stay a step ahead and just out of their grasp.

When I’m forced to work with him, fire ignites and things spiral out of control. Despite the desire felt from his mouthwatering body, covered in tattoos, distrust between us is deep.

But unless we learn to work together and trust each other, we’re both as good as dead.

This story is dark but it’s so damn good. Alexei had a traumatic and disturbing childhood at the hands of a monster. His life is complicated and lonely. Now he’s paired up with a badass FBI agent tasked with stopping a monster and sparks fly when they get together. Alexei doesn’t feel things. He stopped a long time ago to protect himself from the horrors he lived. But Aurora makes him feel things. This is an opposites-attract on the surface but it turns out these two are very much alike. Aurora has demons of her own, having escaped the horrible fate that took her brother. She doesn’t remember it at first, but she has a past with Alexei and he knows all about it.

They’re on a dangerous mission but the heat between them can’t be ignored. I loved everything about their story – seeing him come alive and watching them both be redeemed by their love for one another. I received an ARC from Grey’s Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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