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ARC Review: The Player by Renee Rose

Flynn Taylor, rock ‘n roll heartthrob, plays fast and loose.
He’s with different girls every night. Yes, girls plural.
On the brink of becoming not just a Chicago sensation, but an American icon,
he’s everything I should avoid.
Then again, maybe it doesn’t matter.
I’m so damaged, I’m not even capable of a relationship.
He might be the perfect antidote.
The temptation I need to lure me back to the side of the living.
He could help me get over my trauma. Attempt physical intimacy.
If it goes wrong–no harm, no foul, right?
If only I can keep my overprotective bratva brother from threatening
to kill him if he even touches me…

I was interested in Nadia’s story after meeting her in Adrian’s book and it was everything I’d hoped for her. She has a traumatic, tragic past and has lived through unimaginable horrors so life isn’t easy for Nadia. Flynn is the perfect guy for her because he immediately wanted to take care of her and protect her. He’s determined to treasure her the way she deserves, which no one has ever done before. Sure, he’s a notorious player but he fell hard for her and didn’t let it scare him. Their story is sweet and steamy with a dark twist that made my day. I highly recommend this book. I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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