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Review: Following Maggie by Melanie Moreland

A snowstorm, an unexpected delay, and a caring stranger are all it takes for Sebastian Ruggers to change the course of his life.
Instead of pushing paper and living a life he dreads, he follows his heart and the girl he meets to a new city.
A different life.
Maggie Andrews is heading back to the only town that ever felt like home.
When she meets Sebastian, somehow she knows, together, they’ll find a life together sweeter than the ones they are leaving behind. She can help him find his future. He can be the person she needs.
They only have to say yes.
Sometimes you discover home isn’t only a location on a map—but the person you share it with.

This is a sweet HEA where two strangers meet at the airport while stranded by a big storm and fall in love before the flight lands. Maggie is lost and alone as she heads home but worried it won’t feel like home without her beloved father, who recently passed away. Sebastian is dreading his return home, where he’s expected to join his father’s insurance company and sacrifice his musical dreams forever. They’re both bleak prospects so the strangers decide to take a chance on each other and they’re in for some surprises. I received an ARC from Valentine PR in exchange for an honest review.

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