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Review: Killer Instincts by Tawna Fenske

He’s a hired gun. A hardened killer. So how’d he end up bottle-feeding lambs for his best friend’s sister?

Dante didn’t set out to deceive. His favor for a pal in prison got him this farmhand job, and Jen needs help guarding more than her blueberries. Someone’s set on hurting her, and he’ll make damn sure they don’t. She can’t know who sent him or why he’s handier with a handgun than a hoe. But none of that matters more than keeping Jen safe.

To save the girl, he’ll have to pair old skills with new. A princess tea party and an old-fashioned gunfight? Why not. Grape stomping and grenades? Sign him up.

But as the enemy closes in, there’s one skill Dante finds he doesn’t have: The strength to walk away when the job is done.

I was excited for this series after reading the prequel, Killer Looks, but this book exceeded my expectations. It’s sweet, funny and different. Dante is a lonely assassin tasked with checking on his best friend’s little sister but he lets her think he’s answered her ad for a farmhand. This is an insta-love mystery with just enough suspense and a HEA. Assassin or not, Dante is adorable with Jen and they make a great team working to rescue her farm from danger. Matteo’s story is next and I can’t wait. I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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