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Review: Heartbreak Prince by C.R. Jane


I believe in them.

I was lucky enough to have two of them at one point.

The only problem.

My soulmates happened to be twin brothers.

Caiden was the light to Jackson’s dark. And after all that I had been through, the light was what I thought I needed.

When I chose Caiden, I lost Jackson.

And then tragedy struck, and I lost Caiden too.

I ruined three lives that day…if only I’d known.

It took me years to admit to myself that I had chosen wrong from the beginning.

I’m ready to admit it to Jackson…only problem, he hates me.

I’m ready to fight for my happily ever after.

But there’s a reason they call him the Heartbreak Prince.

Everly James was living a nightmare until Caden and Jackson Parker came to her school. The twins quickly became her protectors and best friends. They made school tolerable, fed her, comforted her and made life bearable for a change. She loved them both dearly, but not in the same way. She’s been hopelessly in love with Jackson ever since, but he doesn’t feel the same. She loves Caden like a brother but he wants more. Now one is gone and the other blames her so she’s lost her two best (and only) friends. 

I loved Everly immediately and her heartbreaking backstory really pulled me in. She’s been alone in the world for her entire life save for the twins so she’s really suffering without them. It hasn’t been easy, but life goes on. Everly has earned a full scholarship to a prestigious school where she’ll finish high school and attend college on the same campus. She knows the remaining twin is a student there as well, but it’s a big enough campus so she can surely avoid him. Except she can’t.

Things heat up when they meet again but it’s a real love-hate relationship. Nothing else has changed for Everly: she’s still being bullied by mean girls, including her demon of a roommate, she’s still poor and she’s still looked down upon by everyone at the school, faculty included. As though her personal trials aren’t enough, Everly’s favorite teacher turns out to be a sleaze, her new friend Landry won’t take no for an answer and someone is out to get her.

There’s not much more I can say without spoiling this fantastic plot full of twists and turns so I’ll just say I loved everything about this story. It’s so good, I was hooked from the first page and I never put it down. The cliffhanger is torturous but luckily the conclusion is already available so I didn’t have to wait. If you haven’t read Heartbreak Prince, stop what you’re doing and get it now, you’ll thank me later.

The review for the conclusion, Heartbreak Lover, will post tomorrow so stay tuned.

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