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Review: Heartbreak Lover by C.R. Jane

“I’ll ruin us,” Jackson whispered to me in the dark.

No one wants to believe in monsters, but I’ve seen firsthand that they existed.

I’d said goodbye to Jackson Parker, desperate to save myself once and for all, but old habits die hard.

When a monster from the past comes back, I will have no choice but to reveal our secrets.

I need Jackson to be my hero, but he has his own scars.

Can we conquer the past once and for all? Heartbreak Prince or lover…there’s a fine line that separates the two.

I once said I would love him forever, but at what price does forever cost?

The first book in this duet is so good, I wasn’t sure the conclusion could live up to it, but it’s even better. Everly is in danger and the attacks are becoming more threatening. She’s drawn to the remaining Parker twin but there’s been too much pain, guilt and blame for them to ever be together. How can she forgive him for the way he treated her after his brother’s accident? There’s still so much pain but truths will come to light and they’ll both learn that everything they believed was a lie.

The conclusion is steamy and dramatic and absolutely crazy, but I loved every second of it. It’s full of crazy twists and turns, some you may expect and others that will definitely shock. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone so I’ll only say that I couldn’t get enough of this story and these characters. This is an instant favorite I’ll definitely read again and I can’t recommend it enough.

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