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Review: The Seduction of Pretty Lies by Holly Renee

Devoted. Loyal. Shameless. The Boys of Clermont Bay had been my protectors for as long as I could remember.

And Olly Warner took the job to heart.

He was intense and all-consuming, and I had been in love with him for years.

Alarmingly handsome and recklessly charming, he attempted to deny there was ever anything between us.

But we slipped over that invisible line, and the moment we gave in, something fractured.

He was leaving regardless, and I couldn’t hang on tight enough for the both of us.

Olly had always been the boy I could never have, but I couldn’t help losing myself in him.

A searing affair, the guarantee of a broken heart, and the desperation of careless promises.

Olly and I were never meant to be, and we had become nothing more than a pretty lie.

This series is a favorite so I’ve been looking forward to Frankie and Olly’s story for what seems like forever. I was thrilled to have it and their story is even better than I’d hoped. These two have been friends forever and in love with each other most of that time, but they’ve never dared to act on it. Beck has made it clear to everyone that his little sister is off limits, even to his friends. Maybe especially to his friends. But Olly will be leaving soon for college and Frankie’s tired of people making decisions about her life so she takes matters into her own hands. Literally. And he can’t possibly resist. They’re desperate to keep it a secret but these things have a way of getting out no matter what. Olly’s complicated relationship with his overbearing parents makes things even more difficult. These two are lovestruck but struggling to make their own way and it’s not easy. The distance between them when Olly and Carson leave for college may be the death knell of their true love.

This book ends on an excruciating cliffhanger that will torture me until I get the conclusion in my hands. It’s emotional and super steamy like the other Clermont Boys books and I loved every second of it. I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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