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Review: Irish Devil by LK Shaw


It started with a stolen kiss. A brief flirtation between two strangers. Until reality intruded. He was a part of the Irish mob, and my father had other plans for me.

In the three years since, I’ve lived in a hell of secrets and lies, leaving me a broken, shattered version of my former self. Then, I come face to face with Jack again. The man who will either become my savior or my destruction.


My Irish family has spent years rescuing women trafficked by the Polish mafia. I’ve been a protector. A defender. Saved countless women.

A twist of fate puts a woman from my past directly in my path. When I discover she’s in danger, I’ll destroy anyone in order to save her, too.

Rory’s story is heartbreaking. She’s a sassy spitfire when we first meet her but skip ahead three years and she’s a shell of her former self. Jack thinks of her often but he’s shocked at the change when they meet again. Everything about her life has changed for the worse since their first meeting. Her life became a nightmare when her father sold her in an arranged marriage to clear some debts. She lives with unimaginable horrors every day of her marriage and faces certain death if she tries to escape.

Jack doesn’t care that her husband is a friend of ours and wants to make her problems disappear. He cares about Rory and will risk Jacob’s wrath for interfering in family business. The union between the Irish and the Italians, solidified by Brenna and Jacob’s marriage, will be jeopardized at best, possibly obliterated if Jack acts without permission but nothing matters to him except her safety.

The realities of Rory’s life are painful and the suspense is crushing. There’s a distinct lack of action and waiting involved in solving this problem which creates insane tension but it’s so very good. Jack is the perfect hero every woman deserves and nobody deserves that kind of unconditional love more than Rory. I loved everything about their story because these characters grabbed me from the first page. There’s a great supporting cast including Brenna and Jacob and I never get enough of this world. I received an ARC from Valentine PR in exchange for an honest review.

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