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Review: Good Girl Bad by SA McEwen

A perfect life, or a perfect lie?

Rebecca Giovanni has a beautiful life—a job she loves, a new husband who’s a great deal better than the old one, and two charming daughters from her first marriage.

It’s hard not to be smug about how well she’s done for herself.

She trusts her new husband.

Then she wakes to find him and her sixteen-year-old daughter missing. Their dog is dead, and the front door is wide open.

No matter what the police insinuate, Rebecca cannot believe Leroy and Tabby went anywhere together willingly. She’s doing a stellar job, but blended families always have their difficulties.

And they’d never leave the house without their phones and wallets.

But where are they? What happened in the house that night?
Rebecca’s younger daughter is acting strangely, and her ex-husband is hiding secrets of his own—like where he was that night, and the real reason that he left Rebecca.

And Rebecca can’t help thinking about the last time she saw her husband, and heard him say something she’d rather forget…

There’s not much I can say about this story without being a spoiler but I’ll do my best. This isn’t a romance so not my typical fare but I enjoyed it. This was a first for me in that I expected Rebecca to be the protagonist but she’s really not, which is a good thing because she’s utterly unlikable. She’s a terrible person and every other character would have been better off without her, but she’s at the heart of their lives and everything that happens.

This is tragic and sad and infuriated me at times. It’s well written and thought-provoking. I received an ARC from Grey’s Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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