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Review: Put Me In Detention by Meghan Quinn

“You got married on your divorce-cation?”

That would unfortunately be correct.

I was hanging with the girls, celebrating my divorce when I saw him, my crush, sitting in the corner of the bar all alone. Being single and looking for a wild night, I asked him if he wanted to join me. To my delight, he said yes.

Drinks were consumed, fun was had and then . . . one drunken conversation with a cranky gondolier in Las Vegas led to an Uber lift through a drive-thru wedding chapel with the incredibly hot, British bad boy, Pike Greyson.

On paper, it seemed like I hit the jackpot. And if I wasn’t fresh from a toxic marriage, I would have absolutely noticed the finer things about him.

But I wanted nothing to do with being married, so when I arrived back home from my eventful weekend in Vegas, the last thing I expected to see was a new doting husband already moved in.

I asked for an annulment, he pulled a Ross Geller and said no.

That’s right, he said NO! Instead, he asked for three months to prove we could be good together.

Insanity clearly knocked him in the head and the only way I could convince him to give up on our sham of a marriage was to show him just how wrong we were for each other. Only problem with that was, he saw right through my every prank, every trick, and every yearning emotion I attempted to mask.

The humor in this story grabbed me right away, it’s funny from the first page. Cora is finally divorced from her cheating ex-husband so she goes to Vegas to celebrate with her besties. The first night there, she runs into a hot acquaintance and drinking Fireball changes their lives forever. This book is laugh out loud funny in places but still super steamy. Cora and her friends are not only hilarious, but full of crazy ideas to get Pike to annul their drunken Vegas marriage. Pike is hot and determined to get Cora onboard with staying married for a bit so he’s got some schemes of his own.

I liked everything about theses characters and there’s a great supporting cast, too. This is a fun HEA I’ll probably read again. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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