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Review: Lords of Mercy by Angel Lawson and Samantha Rue

I came back to Forsyth and agreed to be their Lady for two reasons: protection and revenge.

I put up with the abuse, the degradation, the humiliation, and bided my time. I wanted vengeance and I took it. The Lords give as good as they get and the consequences were fierce, but there’s one truth when it comes to Killian, Dimitri and Tristian.

They keep what’s theirs.

They wanted to break me, but instead, they molded me into their perfect weakness. They fought for me. Bled for me. Championed for me. I was put through the gauntlet and came out stronger. I earned the title of Lady.

Then they became my weakness.

I agreed to sleep under their roof, but on my terms. No more rules, no more punishments, no cameras or dress codes or sneaking into my bedroom. In return, I’ll give them a chance to earn the title of Lord.

Building trust takes time, but with all the threats nipping at our heels, that’s a luxury we don’t have. We have to rely on one another despite our complicated pasts—to find a murderer, a stalker, and a traitor.

This new life of pain, wrath, and mercy is a confusing maze of twists and turns. Fortunately for us, there will always be one fixed constant, guiding us home:

The Royal we.

This is probably my favorite of the three because Story is more of an equal to the guys now and they treat her well. I’ve been #TeamDimitri from early on but really fell for Tristian in the second book too so I enjoyed watching her relationships with them evolve. I’m still not really seeing Killian’s appeal besides a hot bod and sexy tats but I don’t hate him, I’m just kind of indifferent to him. Ted’s identity was no surprise, I had it figured out in book two but I loved the way the final reveal unfolded for the characters and especially 237 Mayhem. The ending was everything I wanted, too. I’ve never been an RH fan but this story drew me in so much, I couldn’t resist. The characters are phenomenal and the suspense aspects are great, I loved everything about this trilogy and can’t recommend it enough. Is there a discussion group for this series somewhere because I’d be all over that?

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