Hottest Hockey Players

There are lots of great sports romance books with baseball and football players but the hockey players are the ones who make you swoon, admit it. With so many hockey heroes to choose from, the possibilities are almost endless but some of these guys stand out from the rest.

Pucked - Helena Hunting

I think we can all agree that Alex Waters is the gold standard. He sweet, sexy and magic both on and off the ice. I could read Pucked over and over and never tire of him.

All The Way by Kendall Ryan - Hot Jocks book 2

Owen Parrish is the best friend a girl can have because he’ll do anything to help a friend in need. This is one of my favorites because it’s all a happy accident. They got involved specifically because they never considered more with the other but they end up falling. The whole series is good but All The Way is far and away the best of the series and Owen is at the top of this list.

Book Review: The Deal by Elle Kennedy - Off-Campus book 1

I love that Garrett ends up being the vulnerable one, pining for Hannah. As they get to know each other, I just liked him more with every new secret he revealed. The Off-Campus series is great but The Deal is the best of the bunch.

A Favor For A Favor - Helena Hunting book #2 All In series

Bishop Winslow is brash and obnoxious but he’s still one of my favorite characters because he’s real. Stevie and Bishop’s story is hilarious and fun so A Favor For A Favor is one of my favorite books. I love these characters and the comic relief they bring to the other stories in the series.

Pucked Up - Helena Hunting

Buck Butterson is so sweet and hilarious but damn that guy has some bad luck. His story broke my heart in a lot of ways (seriously, my review is practically a dissertation) but Buck got his HEA and it was a good one. Sunny and Buck’s story is epic and it may start in Pucked Up but continues through the series and beyond.

The Not-Outcast by Tijan

Cutler Ryder has been Cheyenne’s crush forever and everyone thinks she’s delusional but when they finally meet again as adults, he claims her instantly. One look at her and his protective instincts take over. The Not-Outcast is such a great story because it’s so uplifting.

New Release from Lulu Moore Felix

Molly and Felix are great friends but nothing more because her demanding surgical career doesn’t allow for a social life. It’s just not possible. Except Felix won’t take no for an answer because he’s determined to save Molly from herself and nothing will stop him. He jumped up high on the book boyfriend list before the book even ended.

A Lie For A Lie - Helena Hunting All In series book 1

Rook Bowman seems to have it all so why doesn’t it feel good anymore? He knows something is missing, just not how to find it, until he meets Lainey. For a short time, everything is just as it should be in his world then it’s ripped away. Their story is heartbreaking in the beginning but he’ll do anything to put Lainey’s heart back together. There’s more angst and less fun than Stevie and Bishop’s story but A Lie For A Lie is still one of my favorites, as is Rook.

Nothing throws Justin Cruise off balance, he’s in complete control at all times. Until he decides to help a friend and falls so hard it changes his whole life. Hot As Puck is exactly that and it’s the perfect start to the Bad Motherpuckers series.

Pucked Off - Helena Hunting

Lance is damaged, brooding and angry so I wasn’t a huge fan until his story. The weight he carries is unimaginable and while it doesn’t excuse his behavior, it explains everything. I love Lance and just wanted someone to fix him and Poppy’s perfect for him. Pucked Off is a lot more intense than the other books in the series but it’s so good and worth all the angst.

Pucked Over - Helena Hunting

Randy Ballistic makes the list despite his hair because he treats Lily like a queen and I love his filthy mouth. He was possibly the most derelict of all the Pucked boys if you read the deleted scene from Pucks & Penalties. Sidebar: yes, I hate topknots. If you have one, you look like a yorkie and I don’t like those either. #sorrynotsorry

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