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Review: Grand Escape by Rachel Blaufeld

With sultry beach vibes, Caribbean tunes playing in the background, and the smell of coconut and money all around, welcome to the Grand Escape.

Blond and beautiful Rylan needed to escape her life, so she ran off to a job in paradise. Surrounded by fresh salt air and the ocean waves lapping in the background, she now mixes drinks better than any other bartender at the Grand Escape.
It’s the perfect situation for a commitment-phobic woman, who wants to be nothing like the family she was born into. Each week, guests check in, spend time at her bar, and then go home.

Until the day some heartsick jerk who checked in under just his initial and last name sits down at her bar.
With sad eyes and a gritty voice, A. Stern is more than Rylan bargained for, so it’s a good thing she no longer gets tangled up with men. But this lawyer by day, alpha by night, keeps pushing his way through the barricade she’s built around her heart.
Thinking she knows why he’s heartbroken, she’s determined not to be his next victim, but he continues to shatter all her misconceptions.

With only a week until his vacation ends, can she avoid falling for the guy at the end of her bar? And can he manage to capture the heart of the only woman who has made him want to try again?

Rylan escaped her overbearing parents to live the life she wants at a getaway resort but she’s under no illusions. She knows there are no princes to sweep her off of her feet or happy endings to her story because this is reality. But then she meets a handsome stranger who wants more than a vacation fling and it complicates her life. After all, there’s no way a relationship like theirs could really work, Adam is delusional.

Adam is sweet and funny and Rylan’s likable even though she’s a bit harsh at times. Her family life was horrible so it’s no wonder she’s so prickly. He does everything he can to make her see that what they have is real, but Rylan can’t accept it. She’s so sure that happiness isn’t available to her that she can’t recognize it even when it’s right in front of her face. This is a story about reconciling who you really are with who you’ve always assumed yourself to be and it’s an interesting dilemma. This is a steamy second chance romance that’s equal parts romance and comedy, with a fun supporting cast helping the lovebirds along. I received an ARC from Grey’s Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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