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Review: Protecting You by Lena Hendrix

One moment of hesitation and I lost Maggie forever.

Since then, we’ve spent the last fifteen years in this small town, circling each other and pretending neither remembers how right it felt when we were best friends.

Now she’s a single mom and she doesn’t need a “broody, grumpy cop” like me complicating her life. No matter how many times her heated gaze scorches my skin, I can never have her in the way I want.


So I push her away—but it’s for her own good.

Because if she knew the truth of what I did, she wouldn’t just have hurt feelings––she would truly hate me.

She has a guarded heart, and it’s all my fault.

But I don’t have a heart at all. I gave it to Maggie O’Brien a long time ago.

There’s such a love-hate relationship in the earlier books so I was happy to finally get Maggie and Cole’s story. The banter between them is great and at times funny, but there’s a tragic element running through their story. These two have a really complicated history. They went from best friends to strangers then eventually became enemies without really knowing how things changed so drastically. They’ve been avoiding each other for fifteen years, which takes a lot of effort in a small town.

There was more than a decade of unrequited love on both sides so it was sad, but their behavior was frustrating, too. They could’ve saved so much heartache by just having a conversation but they were both too stubborn to give in, determined to hold a grudge. I enjoyed the flashbacks showing what happened years ago because it gave us insight into their actions now.

They had a few false starts so my emotions were all over the place for a while but the ending was perfect. I received a free copy from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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