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Review: Man For Me by Laurelin Paige

Eden and Brett have been best friends for a decade and he’s long pined for her but she doesn’t reciprocate. For more than ten years. Until he’s interested in someone else, then Eden realizes how perfect they’d be together. I liked the characters but Eden was frustrating at times. She treated her best friend terribly for a long time even though she knew he was interested in her. And all that time, she cried to him about her breakups, shared about her dates and even kissed him when she was lonely.

She’s an awful friend and I kind of think Brett could do better, but this is really short so I’ll assume this would have been a much more lovable character if there was a whole novel to develop her. This book is short but sweet, alternately angsty and steamy in Laurelin Paige’s signature style. I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

Laurelin Paige new release Man For Me
Man For Me by Laurelin Paige
Available October 26th

Brett Sebastian is the very best kind of friend.

Who else would get me a job at one of the biggest corporations in America?

And hook me up with his uber-rich cousin to boot?

And let me cry on his shoulder every time said cousin blows me off?

Okay, it’s pretty obvious that Brett cares about me in a different way than I do for him, but he seems fine with how things are, and our friendship works.

Until one fateful night when I’m mooning over his cousin, and Brett utters four words that should make me happy for him, should make me relieved, should balance out our uneven relationship:

“I met a girl.”

Suddenly my world is crashing down around me, and I’m forced to ask myself—am I only interested in Brett now that he’s taken?

Or have I been looking at the wrong man all along?

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