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Review: The Last Bloom by Jennifer Peer

New Release from Jennifer Peer
The Last Bloom by Jennifer Peer

Grisly and disturbing serial killer novels are bestselling author’s CJ Wilder’s stock in trade. Her alter ego, Calliope Laurent lives in a small quiet town with her pair of beloved dogs. She guards her privacy as fiercely as her pets guard her idyllic life.

When Calli starts receiving bouquets of roses along with cards containing ominous quotes, it’s no coincidence women are being murdered in ways Calli is all too familiar with.

Deputy Sheriff Brady Harrison is taken with Calli from the moment he meets her. Assigned to her case, he’s determined to find the killer, and as a man falling in love, protecting Calli has become his obsession.

As gruesome discoveries are made, it’s clear the killer is bringing Calli’s books to life, and since she knows all too well how her stories end, she’s afraid to learn what will happen when the last bloom falls.

I really like the premise of this novel, where a psycho is terrorizing the character, an author, by acting out her dark plots in real life. Despite her penchant for telling creepy tales, Calli is just trying to live a quiet life, guarding her connection to her pen name. Things quickly heat up when a sexy blond sheriff comes along to discuss a potentially related case. Their chemistry is instant and it gets harder to fight the attraction when he moves in to protect her. The mix of suspense and romance is perfect, with plenty of heat to temper the tension mounting as the killer ramps up the threats. I received a copy of The Last Bloom from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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