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Review: Famous Last Words by C.W. Farnsworth

Conor and Harlow are perfect together. They start out as enemies but it’s not your typical she-was-stuck-up or he-was-a-bully, there’s actually an interesting backstory to it that evolves along with their romance. I adored Harlow and Conor so I was a bit impatient for them to work out their issues and finally do this but it was totally worth the wait. Harlow is smart, independent and decisive so she’s never had her heart leading her around before now and she’s appalled that it’s leading to Conor Hart. Despite her initial horror at the thought of even being civil to him, their attraction is strong so she’s willing to consider things from different angles. She soon realizes there’s a lot more to him than she ever imagined.

For his part, Conor extends the olive branch first and really puts himself out there, not knowing how she’ll react. There’s so much I loved about him, even if I did want to yell into the book at one point to tell him to just talk to her already. His failure to communicate disappointed me but he had already put himself out there so I understood it too. Thankfully, there’s a HEA with an epilogue that made me smile. Seeing the characters in the future is one of my absolute favorite things in a story.

My only criticism (and it’s small!) is that Harlow’s yet another redhead. Making the FMC a redhead is so trite, I’m going to have to start docking stars in ratings for it. Aside from that nitpick, Harlow and Conor’s story was funny and sweet, with a lot of teasing build-up before things get steamy. I enjoyed it very much and highly recommend this book. I received an ARC from Grey’s Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

New Release from CW Farnsworth Famous Last Words
Famous Last Words by C.W. Farnsworth
Available October 15th

Harlow Hayes loves water. In its liquid form.

The chlorinated kind she swims in. The perennial droplets soaking her adopted hometown. The waves she ventures out on to observe the ocean.

Water, in its frozen state, holds no appeal to her. That’s not the only—or most divisive—difference between her and Conor Hart. The arrogant, arresting captain of Holt University’s hockey team spends every second not picking fights or partying atop a sheet of it.

Plenty of girls fall for the charming lines and that cocky smirk. Harlow knows better. Knowsmore.

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