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Review: First Light by Isabel Jolie

The suspense here was killing me. I enjoyed Cali and Logan’s story very much but the build-up to finding out the who/what/why of the mystery was almost too much. Cali is smart and independent, very likeable but maybe a little too forgiving when it comes to her twin brother, who’s gotten her into a bad predicament. Logan is sweet and sexy but the ex-special forces police chief of the island knows Cali’s hiding something, he just doesn’t know what it is or why.

She’s been forced to build walls to keep her brother’s secrets from the world, even with her own parents and her loneliness is heartbreaking. At least she has an awesome furry sidekick to keep her company, although he’s not enough. I can’t say much because spoilers but this book is definitely worth a read.

First Light on Amazon

First Light
By Isabel Jolie
Haven Islands book 3
Available September 28, 2021

First Light by Isabel Jolie
First Light by Isabel Jolie
Haven Islands book 3
Available September 28th

He could be my savior…or my downfall…

I am living a lie.

No one knows who I really am. Letting someone in could be devastating for my family.

For the most part, isolation isn’t a hardship. I haven’t been looking for love or any kind of serious relationship.

But then I met Logan.

I tried to keep my distance. He won’t let me.

Logan is gentle, kind, and loving. Everything I never knew I needed in my life.

He’s also a cop—exactly the kind of man who’d never understand my truth.

So, while he has shared his deepest, darkest secrets, I keep mine hidden.

Too bad I can’t keep my heart locked away, too.

Because now I’m falling for a man who can never be mine. Not truly, anyway.

How can I ask him to be my future when I can’t even let him help me survive my present?

A steamy girl next door romance featuring a former-military, grumpy hero temporarily relocated to a resort island with a small-town atmosphere, right off the coast of North Carolina.

First Light is a standalone steamy contemporary romance. The Haven Island Series can be read in any order; you do not need to read any of the other books in the series to enjoy First Light.

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