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Book Review: Kerrick by Dale Mayer

This story starts off with suspense and just keeps rolling. Kerrick is all business at first but once he’s secured the asset, we see a completely different side of him – warm and sweet. He’s easy to like. Amanda is fascinating and such a badass, I really love her character. She’s determined to save herself and another prisoner so she keeps her cool and manages to set them free.

There’s not much to say without being a spoiler and that would ruin the suspense so I’ll just say that I really enjoyed Kerrick and Amanda’s story and plan to continue the series. I hope to see more of the couple and Brandon as I make my way through the Mavericks.

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By Dale Mayer
The Mavericks book 1
Published 2020

Kerrick: The Mavericks book 1 by Dale Mayer
Kerrick: The Mavericks book 1 by Dale Mayer

On the precipice of change … Just not the way he’d expected …

Kerrick is tagged to join a new elite group, where he’d have more say and less rules on missions. Working mostly alone, he’s to track down a kidnapped victim suspected of being in England, and likely she’s not the only one. This is his kind of job; finding out a longtime friend is his backup makes this mission a go.

Amanda is snatched at the end of her workday while walking to her vehicle. Days later she wakes to find she’s imprisoned, alone in a small cement cell. One rotting meal a day is provided, and that is it. Once she realizes someone else is here–a young boy—she’s even more determined to escape. And to take him with her. Running into Kerrick wasn’t the plan …

Escaping is only one part of the puzzle as the truth drags them to Europe and beyond as they sort out how the two kidnappings are related, who’s behind it all and why … Before they are run aground and imprisoned all over again …

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